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MALBA - Costantini Foundation (Museo de Arte Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires). Founded on 2001, it is a not-for-profit institution featuring the Costantini Collection, and also a dynamic cultural center that constantly updates art and film exhibitions and develops cultural activities. Its Collection consists of a selection of more than two hundred works, including drawings, paintings, sculptures and objects by 78 artists from Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Chile, Ecuador, Mexico, Uruguay and Venezuela. The body of works allows us to appreciate both the coincidences and the differences among the great Latin American artists, and to create a new reading of Latin American art history. MUSEO DE ARTE DECORATIVO: is installed in a magnificent French neoclassical style residence, built in the early twentieth century and declared historical artistic monument on 1997. The current inventory exceeds 4,000 items, ranging from Roman sculptures to handmade creations of contemporary silverware. The main value of the collection lies in parts of European and Oriental decorative arts, sculptures and paintings from the sixteenth to nineteenth centuries, many of which belonged to the family Errazuriz Alvear. There is a cozy restaurant in the museum, Croque Madame, where you can either eat or drink a coffee in the residence garden. The museum is located on 1902nd Libertador Ave..

PALACIO ALCORTA: This building, located at the intersection of Figueroa Alcorta Ave. and San Martín de Tours St., was built in 1927 by the Italian architect Palanti. In the beginning it was occupied by the American company Chrysler and on its terrace there used to be a circuit where they proved their different vehicles up to a eighty miles per hour speed. After this it was occupied by the Argentine Army and finally it was refurbished into an interesting complex with residential lofts, offices, a restaurant called Museo Renault, and rooms for parties, receptions, fashion shows and business events.

MUSEO DE ARTE POPULAR ARGENTINO JOSE HERNANDEZ: dedicated especially to preserve and disseminate the testimonies of the Argentine folk cultural heritage. The its interior one can find one of the most valuable collections of native silver from the eighteenth to twentieth centuries, as well as a variety of regional handicrafts among which we can see the collection of “ponchos” (square blanket with a hole in the center for the head , of Quechua origin, widespread in South American regions). The museum is located in the traditional Av del Libertador 2373.

GRAND BOURG SQUARE GARDEN AND PALACIO SANMARTINIANO: Near the large square of the Republic of Chile, more accurately across the street Marshal R. Castillo bordering both places, lies the Plaza Grand Bourg. It is located in a very attractive area with beautiful trees, among which one can find the Jacaranda trees with lilac flowers, brought from the province of Misiones, and some Tipas from Salta, with yellow flowers. Colorful traditional mansions and elegant buildings surround the square, some belonging to private individuals and others used as headquarters by foreign diplomatic embassies. In a very close square garden one can find the Monument to Immortal Grandfather, represented by General José de San Martín with his two granddaughters, who was installed in 1950 to mark the centenary of the death of the hero, and that is the only work which presents St. Martin dressed in civilian clothes. We also find the National Institute Sanmartiniano, which has interesting rooms to visit. Inside the museum there is a library and the building is a replica of the house where the Argentine national hero General San Martín lived with his daughter in Grand Bourg, France, during the last stage of his life.


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