Check-in / Check-out time

Check-in time is at 02:00 PM and check-out time is at 12:00 PM. If you wish to guarantee the availability of the apartment for a later/earlier time it would be better to book the place for one extra day so the system will not be able to book the apartment and you will have the place available for you.

Proceed to book an apartment

Once you found the right place for your stay, you can send Buenos Aires Home & Business a reservation request by clicking on the button “To Reserve”. The reservation request is subject to availability. Buenos Aires Home & Business wil check the availability andl write you back confirming or not the reservation for the requested days. We will invite you then to confirm your reservation via a transfer wire to be done through Western Union. Once we get your confirmation, you will receive an e-mail with the address of the apartment and the appointment (day and time) we will be waiting for you at the apartment to give you the keys. You have 24 hours to confirm your request after which the request you sent is disabled and the reservation process need to be restarted.

How long it will take to receive a reply after sending the reservation request

You should receive our reply on 48 hours maximun. If you do not receive any reply in the time stated above, we may have had some problem with the reception of your request. For that reason, Buenos Aires Home & Business recommends you to please resend the request or to write us an e-mail telling about the delay as to have a representative checking what happened with your request and contacting you immediatly.

Who will receive me and say goodbye at the apartment

On day and time stated with you, a representative of Buenos Aires Home & Business will receive you at the apartment to give you the keys and sign the contract and the inventory. It is normal to have also the landlord receiving you that day to introduce himself. On day and time stated,a representative of Buenos Aires Home & Business or the landlord of the apartment will come to your place to say goodbye, receive back the keys and give you back the deposit. It is important that you contact us 48 hours before departing to reconfirm at what time you wish to have us at your place to say goodbye.

Calculate at what time you will arrive to the apartment

A representative or Buenos Aires Home & Business will be waiting for you at the apartment at the time arranged time or, if you are going to arrive in Buenos Aires with an international flight, we will receive you at the apartment one hour and a half after the flight arrival time.

If the flight is delayed

When you confirm the booking, Buenos Aires Home & Business's system will ask you for your arrival flight number. This information is very important because it allows us to check with the airport if any delay occurs with your flight. If a delay occurred, Buenos Aires Home & Business will be informed and will be able to calculate a new appointment time at the apartment to give you the keys. We will be there always one hour and a half after the new arrival time given for the flight number you gave us opportunely. You do not need to worry if a delay occurs.

If you will be arriving to Buenos Aires with a different flight N° or have any other complication once at the Airport

In this case it is important to call Buenos AiresHome & Business to set a new appointment at the apartment. When you confirm your reservation you will be given a telephone number of Buenos Aires Home & Business where you will always find a representative ready to help you.

Means of Payment

Payment of rent shall be made only in Cash in US dollars, Euros or Argentinian Pesos. The guarantee deposit shall also be paid in cash. In all cases, the deposit shall be reimbursed once the stay has finished. If there are damages, the tenant shall pay them in accordance with the cost set forth in the inventory.

Payment of the telephone calls made from the apartment

All the apartments of Buenos Aires Home & Business have telephone systems pre-paid line: a telephone line that works with credits that you should add to the telephone line. In those cases you will be able to purchase the pre-paid calling cards in order to add credits into your telephone line. Those pre-paid calling cards are sold at the Locutorios. You will be informed by Buenos Aires Home & Business upon your arrival about the telephone system your place has. This system allows you to receive any kind of call even if you don't have credit on your line.

If you have problems regarding the apartment once you get in

When you arrive to the apartment, a Buenos Aires Home & Business representative will provide you telephone contact numbers to get in touch during the 24 hours of the day. The solution to the problems must be given by the landlord.

Maid Service

Maid service is included once a week if your stay is superior to seven days.You should expect to receive a cleaning service of the apartment. The cleaning service is provided by the landlord of the apartment you booked. In those cases cleaning products are also provided by the landlord. The maid service does not include the change of linens and towels.

Return the apartment

It is understood that the property will be handed back to the representative of Buenos Aires Home & Business in the same condition as received, clean and tidy. If any damage is noticed, the corresponding value, as listed in the inventory, will be deducted from the damage contingency deposit. The unit must be returned in the same conditions you received it, even when the apartment includes maid service.

Towels and linens at the apartment

All the Buenos Aires Home & Business apartments have two sets of towels per guest and two sets of linens per bed.
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